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The company "SMT Technology" was founded in 2011 by highly professional engineers, graduates of MSTU. N.E. Bauman, who had more than seven years of experience in the electronics manufacturing industry by the time the business was opened. The company’s staff is staffed by specialists with specialized education and knowledge of all stages of the electronic product manufacturing process. That is why we are always aimed at a deep technological study of the issue and the result that meets all the requirements of the customer.


The motto of our company is the slogan "A fresh look at the production of electronics." We supply solutions leading to an increase in the quality of products, an increase in production efficiency and the level of service. A non-standard approach to solving traditional and new tasks often leads to impressive results that satisfy the technical requirements of production and the budget.


In addition, our company implements a flexible pricing policy, debunking the well-established thesis "Qualitatively - means


In addition to the supply of technological equipment and materials, SMT Technologies also specializes in the sale of spare parts and accessories for SMD equipment from leading manufacturers Assembleon, Yamaha, Fuji, Juki, Samsung, Dek, MPM, Siplace, EKRA and others. By purchasing spare parts and accessories from us, you can be sure of the quality of products, timely delivery and flexibility of pricing.