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Surface mounting

Pick&Place machines

The installation of SMD components is divided into manual (vacuum tweezers), semi-automatic (mounting manipulator) and automatic (surface mounted automatic machine). When choosing installation equipment, you should be guided by productivity (components per hour), installation accuracy, required flexibility, and also the capabilities of the enterprise budget. We offer a wide range of installation equipment capable of solving production problems of any complexity.

Screen printing

Screen printing (application of solder paste on the PCB through a stencil)-the most common method of applying soldering material on the pads. This method differ in high speed and process repeatable, as well as low cost compared with automatic dispersing

Reflow soldering

PCB soldering is done in flux reflow ovens. Ovens heating methods are classified in infrared (IR) and convection. Depending on manufacture requirements, offers desktop chamber ovens, as well as linear oven with chain and mesh conveyors

Solder paste and glue dispensing

Solder paste dispensing differs from screen printing by more accurate application of the amount of material on the contact pad. But disadvantages of the dispersing method are the low rate of application of the material, as well as the requirement to use expensive solder paste 5 and 6 classes.

Boards transportation in lines

The main technological stages of surface mounting technology require an intermediate PCB move between operations. For these movements used conveyors various configurations, PCB loaders to the line, PCB unloaders from line, buffers, workstations for visual PCB control after solder paste applying and mounting components, conveyors-gates for passage ' through ' the long line etc.

PCB repair

Equipment for PCB repair of any complexity: from hand soldering irons to professional automatic repair centers
Equipment for surface (SMD, SMT) mounting of components on PCB. Applying paste by screen printing method or dispensing, mounting SMD components, reflow soldering are the main steps in the teghnological process of PCB surface mounting.