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Inspection of PCB assembly

Automatic optical inspection (AOI)

Systems for optical control over the quality of mounting and soldering of electronic components. This analysis can significantly reduce the number of defective products in electronics

Solder paste automatic 3D-inspection (SPI)

Automatic optical inspection systems for applying solder paste to pads. This equipment eliminates product defects at an early stage of the assembly process.

X-ray control

Specialized X-ray systems for detecting defects in the production of printed circuit boards and electronic components, as well as for checking the quality of installation of microcircuits in BGA cases

PCB testing

Sysmes for electrical control of PCB manufacturing/assembly quality through "flying probes"

Digital microscopes

Microscopes to perform a wide range of tasks to control the quality of products manufactured by electronic industry enterprises
Quality inspection of solder paste coating, components mounting, PCB assembly. All types of control: AOI, X-ray inspection, 2D / 3D inspection, electrical and non-destructive testing of printed.