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Through-hole Technology

Forming and trimming component pins

Manual and automatic systems for forming and trimming axial and radial leads of electronic components

Automatic mounting of components into holes

Systems for automatic mounting of THT components

Wave soldering

Wave soldering systems

Selective soldering systems

Selective soldering of output components by mini-wave solder

Soldering robots

Robots for performing selective soldering of output components. The soldering is performed by the robot at the given points or lines on the printed circuit board.

Dip soldering systems

Soldering by immersion in solder is carried out by dipping the bottom of the printed circuit board in a bath of molten solder. With this method of soldering, soldering of all terminals of components located on the underside of the PCB is carried out.

Inspection of TH mounting quality

Systems for inspection the quality of mounting and soldering of output components
Through-hole Technology, THT components